10 things to do to have a happier life. Number 9 will change your life

family-with-love-shape-hands-look-up-to-the-sky-1 10 things to do to have a happier life. Number 9 will change your life

Who in this world doesn’t want to have a happy life?
Everyone wants to have a happy life. And people’s happiness with each other must be different.
For some people, having a lot of money is a measure of achieving happiness. For others, a loving marriage with a partner is a true happiness.
So how to get true happiness.

smiling-woman-in-the-lake-with-hat 10 things to do to have a happier life. Number 9 will change your life

This article will discuss a small part of how to have a happiness.
Here are 10 things to do to have a happier life according to ablessing.store

#1 – Eliminate the nature of envy and jealousy in life

Envy and jealousy are obstacles to happiness. Not a few people without them realizing they already have this trait. This trait appears when a person begins to dislike his own life and begins to compare his own life with others. Indirectly this will take away his own happiness. Avoid envy and jealousy to have a happy life.

#2 – Have a positive mindset in dealing with a problem

A positive mindset will make our minds clearer. So that will affect the decisions we make. If the decisions we make are good decisions, then their actions will also produce something good. So it can be concluded that a good mindset will bring the right decision. The right decision will result in good action. Good actions will produce satisfaction. And satisfaction is something that makes us happy.

#3 – Providing the best solution to those who are experiencing difficulties

Adversity is a part of life. There is no one in this world who does not experience hardships in life. Life’s difficulties do not always have to do with money and wealth or food and drink problems. Many people have difficulty because they are confused to find a way out or a solution to the problems they face, such as marriages on the verge of divorce, sons who have mental disorders and others. If we want to have a happy life, one of the keys is to provide a way out for those who are experiencing difficulties. Maybe we ourselves experience difficulties in life, but try this technique, and you will find happiness that you never imagined.

#4 – always do the best for the environment around us

Everyone would want to do more for something. It is human nature as a creature who wants to achieve a goal. If at this time you are still looking for your own happiness, try to think what you can give the best in the environment where you are. Because who knows your happiness is there.

#5 – Always focus on finding ways to help people in need

black-woman-smiling-with-donation-box-wearing-blue-shirt 10 things to do to have a happier life. Number 9 will change your life

Look for ways to help people in need. Because it has been proven that when we can help people in need, their energy of happiness will rub off on us. So don’t always focus on finding ways to make yourself happy.

#6 – Set aside a portion of the income to be given to the poor

The world is always full of poor people. Poverty does not occur because they are lazy to work. But poverty occurs due to various factors. Such as low education, lack of job opportunities, or because of the victimization of the politicization of a political policy in a country. There is no one person in this world who is able to make a prosperous world. All they can do is help the poor by setting aside a portion of their income and channeling it through social foundations.

#7 –  Visiting people with physical disabilities

We are grateful that we are given perfection by the creator. There are many people out there who are not as lucky as us. Some are born without legs, can’t talk, don’t have both hands.

#8 – Listening to the complaints of those who have difficulty living

Even if we can’t help, at least we can listen to someone’s complaints to lighten their load.

#9 – Respect people’s opinions, and make it a personal life science

If we are in a situation where we need someone to listen to us, they will usually give us the best opinion or opinion. Even though we don’t agree with what he said, we must respect what he said. Because it is one of the ways to achieve a happier life.

#10 – Pray to the creator

It must be realized that human life is not like other creatures that suddenly exist in this world. Human civilizations in all cultures believe that something created humans. Many civilizations throughout human history believed that a creator really existed. Human life to date is greatly influenced by this.

Maybe for some people this is very unreasonable. But some people still believe this. If you believe that the universe was created by a substance called the Creator, then pray always. Because humans believe that true happiness can only be obtained if they pray to the Creator seriously.

Wealth money and success are not happiness, but the result of happiness itself. Happiness can only be achieved when we are able to share what we have with others and it doesn’t always have to be money and wealth.

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