Here are our FAQs.

what is is an online store that offers various types of motivational t-shirts.

Is it just a motivational t-shirt or is there another t-shirt design?

yes we also have other t-shirt designs. we receive many requests to add to the collection of other t-shirt designs such as designs for women, men and also casual t-shirt designs.

Where do you ship?

our delivery range all over the world. Wherever the customer is, we will deliver.

What if the customer's order doesn't arrive?

Usually the customer’s order does not arrive due to several factors such as the address that was not found by the expedition because it was incomplete and also due to the expedition factor experiencing unwanted things such as natural disasters or accidents.

How long does the order delivery process take ?

Usually the delivery process takes the fastest 2 days after ordering. depending on the current queue.

Is there a refund process?

of course. Information regarding the refund process can be found at this link .

Delivery of orders through what expedition and sent from where?

All shipments are shipped from the USA and shipped via standard USPS worldwide.

Is there proof of delivery after the order is shipped?

yes of course. Proof of delivery in the form of a delivery receipt number will be sent via an updated email and also via paypal notifications. we also provide information to paypal regarding shipping.

I want to order in bulk. is there a discount?

Of course. We will give special discounts to customers who order more than 20 pieces. For further information, please contact us via email.

I don't have paypal nor any credit card. Is there any chance I can pay in another way?

Of course. Customers who do not have a paypal account or credit card can make payments by bank payment methods with Western Union or Wise. For more information, please contact us.